1. I Need You

    All I think about is you….when I wake up…before I sleep. When Im watching a movie…even when I’m watching sports. I know I have done wrong. All I know is I need you.

  2. Dec 28 AM

    135 power cleans

    9 min….dropped down from 155 to fix form. Early arm bend and pulling with arms.

  3. 5am

    Just had a dream about you. It was so real. Every word..every touch. It was like we were both waiting for the moment to be together again.

  4. Dec 17, 2012

    5 x 3 push press

    pulled shoulder muscle

    200 du
    40 burpees
    600m row
    11 min

  5. Dec 15, 16

    3 rep max deadlift - 265
    5 rounds of

    Happy that my deadlift is progressing at a good pace.

    Sunday Workout
    fight gone bad style 4 rounds
    wall ball
    jump lunge
    box jump

  6. Back squat 8-6-4-2

    AMRAP Thrusters 115lbs x 5

    15 unbroken pullups x 5 
    last two sets 10

  7. Having such a hard time. Im going nuts.

  8. Dec 10. 2012

    Yesterday was a tiring one.

    Dont think I got enough sleep during the weekend. I think I need to buy something to hug to sleep.

    Didn’t want to train at all today for badminton and wanted to skip my workout but toughed it out and went anyway.

    6 sets of 2 of push jerks

    Thought I could’ve went heavier but its ok I haven’t done push jerks with weight for awhile.

    AMRAP 20 min
    20 kb swing
    20 hand release pushup
    20 box jump with step downs

    4 rounds. Didn’t want to go all out considering I didn’t feel 100%. Did all sets of kb swing unbroken but my pushups…my right shoulder was getting tired really quick. I don’t know if its hurt or its just not there strength wise. Oh well.

  9. Dec 9. 2012

    Did team wod today at Fitness Playground

    In teams of 4 complete 80 reps total of following:

    box jumps
    kb clean and press
    double unders
    mountain climbers
    kb swing
    hand release pushup

    One person working at a time…other members hold plank until their turn.

    Run 3200m for time

    I hate long distance running…ugh. Always feel like dying…but its all a test of mental will and toughness.

  10. Dec 8. 2012

    Had a two hour badminton training session from 2-4. Felt good did a lot of jumping work.

    PM session

    Went to gym around 8

    Incline Bench Max - 154lbs
    Squat Clean Max - 176lbs
    Deadlift Max -308lbs

    My bench has always been a weakness of mine. For squat clean I could have gone heavier but bringing the bar back down to the ground is hard. Happy that my deads are back in the 3’s. Strength work has paid off so far.

    7 min amrap
    increments of 3 reps per round

    Finished with 12 thrusters…in 2011 i finshed a few reps into the 18th round of thrusters….which is again when I was in my prime. My shoulders need a lot of strength work. Felt like thats what slowed me down during the wod. Everything else felt good.